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Travelling to LaplandUK

LaplandUK is situated at Whitmoor Forest, Swinley Road, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 8BD and is approximately 1.5miles from Ascot Station.

There is free onsite car parking at LaplandUK.


Travelling by flying reindeer is strictly reserved for Father Christmas. Elves caught flying reindeer without permission will be told off. 


The closest station to Whitmoor Forest is Ascot. This station provides easy access to the event from London and Reading.

To find out the quickest journey time by train and the best fare, visit

Fig 1. Grown ups directions to the Enchanted Forest

1:25 000 (not to scale)

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The 162 or 162A bus leave approximately every hour from Ascot High Street and stops a short walk from the LaplandUK site. For more details regarding Routes, please click here, for Timetables, click here.


The local taxi company Ascot Cars operate from directly outside Ascot Station

They can be contacted on:

01344 297297 or 01344 872472


LaplandUK provide dry bike parking onsite.

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